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Scripture Central Announces New CEO and COO
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April 29, 2023
Scripture Central'ls new CEO Richard Ferguson (left) and COO James Dalrymple (right).
Scripture Central'ls new CEO Richard Ferguson (left) and COO James Dalrymple (right).

The Board of Scripture Central is pleased to announce that Richard Ferguson will be taking on the new role of CEO effective May 2, 2023.  This position is voluntary and Ferguson will continue as a donating member of the board. 

Additionally, to accommodate the continuing growth of Scripture Central, James Dalrymple has accepted the new role of COO to manage the day to day operations.

Both of these men have extensive leadership, finance and operations experience that will be very valuable in scaling up our successful accomplishments. Both have demonstrated through their current associations with Scripture Central a deep love and strong desire to continue to make a difference in carrying forward the mission of the organization.

Recently, Kirk Magleby, the Executive Director of Scripture Central, approached the Executive Board about stepping down to allow for a new generation of leadership to continue forward with the growth of the foundation.  As you know, Kirk has been an incredible force in achieving the mission of Scripture Central from the very beginning of the foundation's existence almost 8 years ago.  His passion for, and defense of, the Book of Mormon is legendary.  Through his inexhaustible and transformative leadership Scripture Central has achieved incredible growth, reaching an audience of millions in multiple languages around the world.

Kirk will continue to oversee efforts at Scripture Central around our IT development and technology stack.  He is also going to be involved closely in promoting the latest scholarship and archeology while also focusing on his great passion for taking the Book of Mormon to the world.  He'll continue to be on the Executive and General Boards.

Richard Ferguson

Richard Ferguson, CEO of Scripture Central

Richard Ferguson, CEO of Scripture Central

Richard Ferguson served a mission in Denmark and returned to finish his degree in Economics from Brigham Young University. He began his career in the mortgage lending industry which later led to the founding of his first company in 2000. As a successful entrepreneur, he has founded a number of companies in the mortgage and business finance industries. Richard’s deep and abiding love for the Book of Mormon led to his involvement and support of Scripture Central, whose mission he sees as critical to bringing people to a greater faith and testimony of Jesus Christ. He and his wife Kimberly are the proud parents of 4 children.

Home Residence: South Jordan

Family: Wife is Kim, and they have 5 children, 4 living. 2 grandchildren.

Formal Education: BS from BYU Economics

Career Experience: Began as a Loan officer at Wells Fargo, and then started his own national company to provide specialized financing to underserved communities. He sold that business. Later, developed a mortgage banking business that has assisted over 200,000  families in achieving home ownership and is exiting it with a structured buyout. Currently starting up a new mortgage banking firm as a board member, mentoring former managers to be the executive team.

Church Callings (Present & Past): Gospel doctrine teacher, Elders Quorum President and Counselor, Young Men’s President and Advisor, Bishop, High Council, Missionary in Denmark 

Why you want to be associated with Scripture Central: Have long desired to defend the faith and have closely followed the work and scholarship of our most faithful scholars, including Jack Welch. Having been blessed with business success, have wanted to contribute to  Scripture Central in multiple ways, including offering skills in leadership, finance, organizational development. 

James Dalrymple

James Dalrymple, COO of Scripture Central.

James Dalrymple, COO of Scripture Central.

James has been leading the video team at Scripture Central. He brings with him an enthusiasm for the gospel of Jesus Christ and a passion for high-quality media production. 

Home Residence: Cedar Hills

Family: Wife is Anne, and they have 10 children and 11 grandchildren

Formal Education: BA from BYU in Film & Multi media and MA from CA State Polytechnic University

Career Experience: Producer, Director, Director of Video & Social Media, Senior Producer for the Church (Unto All The World produced, shot and edited in over 65 countries), writing, directing team management, all aspects of video production.

Church Callings (Present & Past): High Council, Sunday School President, High Priest Group Leader, Choir Director, Young Men President, Gospel Doctrine Teacher, Early Morning Seminary Teacher, Stake Presidency Counselor, Bishop, Elder’s Quorum Presidency  Counselor, Activities Committee Chairman, served a mission to Massachusetts, Boston.

Why you want to be associated with Scripture Central: Have a deep love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the restoration and the scriptures. Spent career learning how to create compelling media and tell moving stories. Excited by the opportunity to reach both members of the Church and others and touch hearts with the Spirit through good quality content. Excited to be a part at this time when we are poised to make a tremendous impact on a broader audience.

Kirk Magleby

Kirk Magleby, Executive Director of Scripture Central 2015–2023

Kirk Magleby, Executive Director of Scripture Central 2015–2023

Kirk Alder Magleby has served as the volunteer Executive Director of Scripture Central (formerly Book of Mormon Central) since its inception in 2015. Kirk believes passionately in the Book of Mormon and has spent his life defending its truthfulness. Over the course of the last 8 years, Kirk has scaled the organization from a modest apologetic website into an ecosystem of brands that promote the gospel of Jesus Christ from myriad angles and for various audiences.

Born, Salzburg, Austria 1953
Raised, Utah & Arizona
LDS Mission, Peru 1972 – 1974
Research Assistant, Paul R. Cheesman 1975 – 1977
Married, Shannon Savage 1976 – present
B.A. Economics, BYU 1977
Early officer, FARMS 1980 – 1985
Owner, Nuvek, LLC 1983 - present
Author, Ending Global Poverty: The Microfranchise Solution 2007
Executive Director, Ancient America Foundation 2010 – 2015
Bishop, BYU 172nd Ward 2010 - 2011
Author, Book of Mormon Resources blog 2011 – present
Bishop, American Fork 29th Ward 2011 – 2016
Executive Director, Scripture Central 2015–2023
4 children, 10 grandchildren


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