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That Ye May Know by Gary L. Kapp. Image via Church of Jesus Christ.

Everything You Need to Study the Book of Mormon for Come Follow Me in 2024

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That Ye May Know by Gary L. Kapp. Image via Church of Jesus Christ.
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Time is precious! Getting the most out of Come Follow Me can seem daunting. Let us simplify, expand, and electrify your understanding of the Book of Mormon! Together we’ll explore the breadth and depth of this glorious volume, subtitled Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

ScripturePlus Scripture Study App

Scripture Plus is a Come Follow Me study app designed to help Latter-day Saints and others get more out of their scripture study. Users can read all the scriptures in the Standard Works, with commentaries, videos, historical settings, and more, linked directly into the text.

Scripture Study Reading View

This approach allows you to read the scriptures at your own speed and consume as many of the links of external information as you wish.

Come Follow Me Reading Plans

With this plan you can discipline your daily study to 10-minutes per day, keeping perfect pace with the Come Follow Me curriculum.


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Come Follow Me Videos & Lessons


Tyler Griffin: Come Follow Me Insights

Each week Tyler Griffin presents fresh content that explores the Book of Mormon in 10-20 minute increments. The lesson is concise and focused, allowing viewers to easily engage with Come Follow Me.

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Tyler Griffin teaching Come Follow Me


John W. Welch and Lynne Wilson in their Come Follow Me podcast.

Come Follow Me with Jack Welch & Lynne Wilson

Renowned Latter-day Saint scholar Jack Welch (discoverer of chiasmus in the Book of Mormon), and Scripture Central co-founder Lynne Wilson, team up for a scholarly deep-dive of the Book of Mormon’s Come Follow Me curriculum. This 40-60 min weekly presentation takes a more academic approach that may prove challenging for laypersons.

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Book of Mormon Commentaries & Scholarship


Ever pondered a particular question related to the Book of Mormon? It’s more than likely that we’ve already addressed it. Take a moment to scan the titles of hundreds of articles addressing virtually every topic you could ever imagine. KnoWhys use scholarship to answer questions about the Book of Mormon, and they use gospel principles to teach why the answer is important.

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Historical and scholarly evidences for the Book of Mormon abound! At Scripture Central we’ve published an ever-expanding number of articles (over 400!) focusing on the latest scholarly, scientific, and doctrinal information available.

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Cover of Book of Mormon Minute by Brant Gardner.

Brant Gardner Book of Mormon Minute

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John W. Welch Notes

The following are texts from an extraordinary lecture series on the Book of Mormon by scholar John W. Welch, delivered at (location?) in (month and years).. Dr. Welch’s priceless perspectives and illuminated insights–compiled over a lifetime of devoted study of this sacred volume will open your mind and magnify your testimony of this sacred volume. You can access the Notes for free on our Archive, or buy the re-edited edition as a book from Covenant Communications.

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Book of Mormon Podcasts


In The Book

Host Rebecca Devonas sets out to discover the most extraordinary and powerful stories from converts throughout the world whose hearts were forever changed by the Book of Mormon.


Come Follow Me with Scripture Central

Enjoy the audio versions of your favorite Come Follow Me lessons. Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin are celebrated as one of the most trusted resources for faithful, in-depth discussions of the Come Follow Me curriculum. Join them every week for new and inspiring content!


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