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“Receiving the Teachings of King Benjamin,” by Maria Alejandra Gil
Come Follow Me 2024: Mosiah 1–3
Scripture Block

Mosiah 1–3

April 22–28
“Filled with Love towards God and All Men”

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Book of Mormon Minute is a commentary series made especially for the free ScripturePlus app, which features insights from Book of Mormon scholar Brant A. Gardner. John W. Welch's notes for Come, Follow Me are also available for free.

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Brant A. Gardner
cover of John W. Welch Notes - Come Follow Me
John W. Welch, Rita Spencer, and Brent J. Schmidt
John W. Welch, General Editor

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Structure your personal scripture study by following a 15-minute, day-by-day plan. Each day's assignment includes the required scripture passages from the Come, Follow Me curriculum, as well as suggestions for additional resources to bring context and understanding to your study. For the best experience, use our Reading Plan in the free ScripturePlus app! You can track your progress and have access to the best resources.








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